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Scotland 2030: Our Food Future


Food is central to our lives in Scotland – from what we eat and drink as individuals, to the number of jobs in the growing food and drink sector, and the links between its production and distribution and our environment and communities.

With the Scottish Government committed to making Scotland a Good Food Nation, Scotland’s relationship with food and drink came under the spotlight at an event in the Scottish Parliament on 5 September 2018 looking at our food future.

Chaired by Claudia Beamish MSP, this seminar used Nourish Scotland’s vision of a sustainable food system in 2030 to kick-start a discussion on food in Scotland: what we produce and how we produce it, what we consume and how we consume it, and what kind of future we would like.

Panel at the food future event

Pic – Fiona MacLellan

With expert input from a panel featuring Cate Devine, freelance food writer, Pete Ritchie, executive director of Nourish Scotland, Sarah Millar from the Soil Association, and Dr Wendy Russell from the Rowett Institute, the debate covered a wide range of issues, with questions on the future for our farms, local food systems, nutrition, food waste, imports and exports, veganism, the role of public procurement, food poverty, and need for social innovation.

The seminar is part of the Futures Forum’s Scotland 2030 Programme, a session-long exploration of Scotland’s culture and society in 2030. For more information about the programme, click here.